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London Sound Solutions Ltd is a renowned company that is going to help you soundproof your house, apartment, office or any other building. These services will be especially useful to people living in big cities, when the cacophony of sounds is omnipresent and decreases the comfort of living. This team of qualified and experienced specialists will choose the right materials for a particular project and create a noise free-space for their clients. They can also take care of designing a professional recording studio, which is going to be perfect for creating music.

Soundproof your house

If you want to soundproof a house, you can either do it yourself or employ an assistance of a dependable company. Choosing London Sound Solutions Ltd you are sure all the works are going to be carried out with great care and professionalism. They have a distinct knowledge on the subject of materials used for soundproofing various buildings, as well as on the variety of applicable methods of operation. Picking their assistance you can be sure the space is going to be properly insulated and the conducted works are going to be effective.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
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Building contractors

SA BUILD hires only the most experienced and trustworthy painting contractors in London. We provide a variety of services from wall painting to wall spraying and plastering. No matter if your project is a complex or a simple one, we will be happy to help your dreams come true. With a 15-year-old experience comes the knowledge how to handle the most demanding and difficult of tasks. We pride ourselves with high-quality services and we will do everything to make you satisfied with the result. For more information, visit our website.

Loft conversion

SA Builders offer not only simple renovation works, but also such advanced ones as a loft conversion. London is where they are located and where they mostly work, however, you can also give them a call from the surrounding counties. As they always try to match their prices with a clients financial possibilities, it is always worth asking them for a non-binding quote. In order to make very precise, they will come to your premise and analyse a particular building.

158 Uxbridge Road West Ealing W13 8SB London

Insulated roller shutter

Windows, doors, insulated roller shutters and many more can be bought with the help of SM Solutions. The company specialises in preparing and selling personalised elements for apartments, houses, garages, office and commercial buildings. Their products are manufactured from quality and withstanding materials, using technologically advanced solutions and constructions. Moreover, the clients can choose the colours of ordered windows and doors, their type and even decide on employing the company's help in setting them up.

Insulated roller shutter

Their insulated roller shutter installed onto the window from the outside is a great way of protecting houses and offices from both the heat and the cold. During sunny days, they will prevent the rays of sunlight from raising the temperature inside the building, while in the winter they will be responsible for preventing the cool air from entering it. Each insulated roller shutter has impressive noise-cancellation qualities, therefore one will not have to worry about the sounds of a traffic jam or loud neighbours.

SM Solutions
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London Sound Solutions Ltd - reducing the noise

London Sound Solutions is a company that operates mainly in the capitol of the United Kingdom, but also works with clients all over the country. They specialise in soundproofing commercial and residential spaces - shops, houses, apartments, music studios. This team of builders uses technologically advanced materials that help in making the rooms quieter and less invasive for the neighbours. Moreover, it also significantly reduces the noise level getting into one's place from the outside, creating relaxing and peaceful areas.

Reliable music studio builders

The employees of London Sound Solutions Ltd are known as professional music studio builders, able to create both smaller, private recording studios, as well as the ones made for bigger companies. Making sure this particular working environment gives its owner all the business opportunities is extremely important, therefore the team at London Sound Solutions Ltd prepares each plan with utmost care. After getting the heads up, they are going to introduce many solutions for sound absorption, but also some to increase its quality.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
158 Uxbridge Road W13 8SB London

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd is a company that specialises in modular buildings created for a variety of industries and purposes. Their projects are characterised by their impressive resistance to weather conditions – snow, rain and intense sunlight, as well as for the innovative solutions introduced in them. Each customer has a distinctive idea of what they want their modular building to look like and the company's goal is to create a pavilion closest to that wish by equipping it with a necessary set of installations and decorating it accordingly.

Modular Manufacturing Buildings

The cabins made by this manufacturer serve a variety of purposes – they can be used as catering pavilions, gatehouses, warehouses and offices. Each design, depending on the customer’s needs, will be different – both in terms of the size and the equipment inside. To make sure the modular building is recognisable and visible, KC Cabins Solutions Ltd will use chosen materials for its exteriors – like wooden panels and brick walls – and paint it according to what the client expects. The company does everything in its power to create solutions tailored to their customers’ wishes.

ModernPavilion UK
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Luxury solution
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Bio fire is a perfect solution for almost every interior and exterior. Lovter is a fireplace producer that uses various design in order to meet all of the demanding requirements of their clients. One of the examples is their GlammBox model. It is a perfect built-in fireplace that is open on both sides, providing the room with warm and light. Regardless of the interior design, it can be easily applied. If you are interested in different kind of models of bio fireplaces, visit Lovter's website to find out more.

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Modern solutions for companies
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KC Solution prepares innovative and solid portable cabins, based on the modular building technology. As such construction does not need any foundations, it can be moved to another place, if such a need emerges. This creates a wide range of opportunities, which can be used by modern entrepreneurs to make more money of their businesses. Namely, you can check what location will be best for your company and transport a modular building when it is necessary.

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd
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