A producer of optical discs

Printamasta is a company specialising in the production of optical discs and cassette tapes. Their factory is located in Poland, therefore the prices they offer, even including the shipment, are competitive and will definitely convince every person considering cooperation. Besides replicating and duplicating CDs, they also offer a wide selection of printing services - meant to help in customising the containers for the discs. The client is able to choose either the cardboard digipak or the plastic box and decide what kind of artwork is going to be seen on it.

CD duplication

The company offers professional CD duplication - the process of copying data onto a chosen number of optical discs. Unlike replication, the service can be performed fairly easily even by amateurs with a suitable optical drive. The customer sends in their data and waits a couple of days for the completion of the order. The company makes sure the duplicated CDs are identical. For further customisation, the client can also decide on a graphic to be transmitted onto the disc or choose the artwork decorating the box.

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Order custom stickers

On, there are numerous kinds of doming stickers to select from. They can be shaped as an oval, rectangle, circle, square or any custom variant you want. You can place there a company logo or a brand's name and promote your business more widely. Every sticker is manufactured with permanent adhesive and it can be put onto any flat or curved surface. What is more, the producer provides you with free shipping all around the world.

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